All of this is very old...

...and may or may not be updated in the future.

Here's some odd ends on qmail I have collected and/or made.

The main web site for qmail is at I wonder why there still is no link to this page there...

You should read the Life with qmail document.

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Here is a link to my ThinkGeek wishlist.

Stuff I've dinked with

I now use bogofilter to stop spam. My .qmail file contains

			|condredirect johan-bogo /usr/local/bin/bogofilter
which means that spam will be redirected to johan-bogo and good mail is delivered to my Maildir. I use condredirect because there is no 'condmaildir' or 'conddeliver'.

qmail-remote patch to support qmtp and control/mailroutes - Now moved to separate page.

qmail-mrtg to work with the qmail+patches rpms has. Based on work by . These don't work so well and are here only for reference.

is a little autoresponder to check your QMTP and MXPS setup. Read more. This doesn't work any more because of a change of DNS provider and a change in ISP policy...

Notes on getting sqwebmail/maildrop filtering to work with vpopmail.

Hints on vpopmail with procmail.

swedish templates for sqwebmail. Oldish. has sent me a diff file to fit versions > 1 of sqwebmail. Note that this is for a really old version...

update_hbedv is a virus definition updating cron script in the spirit of those that come with qmail-qscanner. Use with antivir from H+BEDV, which is free for personal use. New versions of AntiVir have an internal updating mechanism.

badmailfrom is a cron script that gets spam sender info from libertas and puts them into qmail and tcpserver block files. People have sent my patches but I haven't had the time to put them in.

rbldomains that I used... you shouldn't.

checkpassword + cdb is a merge of two different checkpassword implementations. It uses /etc/passwd and a cdb. I use it to be able to POP from my courier-imap mail folders. No docs, sorry. Seems to be gone at the moment.

Here's a perl script that moves old mail from one maildir to another. I use it on my qmail maildir, as I have a slow computer and like to keep old mail on - but not in the same maildir as the new stuff; that would take to long to open in mutt. mutt is the best MUA, by the way. is a script that bounces mail, giving the argument as a reason. Created because qmail's own bouncesaying only works from .qmail files - this works from mutt!

More to follow

Other stuff

Here is a patch by Chris to log badmailfrom "hits".

Magnus Bodin at x42 has some cool stuff on qmail. No wonder, he's cool.

here is an archived copy of a message on an intresting little snippet of code, qmtp.c.