After having the computer for 18 months, I must really say I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it. The general quality and finish is poor (especially the fan and hard disk in my case, but also the entire plastic shell of the machine) and it is very badly supported by Toshiba (it sees to be third-party produced and just re-labelled Toshiba).

I even had it repaired at an official Toshiba reseller in Hamburg (Germany), but even that just barely put enough life back into it for me to grab everything off it.

Toshiba Satellite 35DVD + Linux

I've installed RedHat 7.1 and everything looks good. I had to fiddle a bit with the X config, but now everything works to satisfaction. As I am writing this, I am watching "Charlie's Angels" on DVD (with oms under X). The fan wheezes occassionally, but otherwise all is fine. I wonder how I can get the "you have e-mail" led to work :->.

Jaguar has another page. I found the link on the Linux Laptop page.

BTW, I get about 10 fps in DVD playback, with no optimizations yet.

If you want the modem to work, you have to install this rpm. I have also made a version for the new kernel RedHat distributes (2.4.3-12) here.

Things I wanna get working

  • IrDA I'm working on this.
  • CodaFS This was too buggy
  • USB - need device. This works fine
  • FireWire - need device
  • Even faster DVD playback
  • built-in modem. Works, see above

Links to stuff that already works

  • 802.11 - wireless LAN with D-Link DWL-1000AP.