vpopmail, maildrop and sqwebmail

I tend to get a bunch of questions on getting these three to work together. It's not quite trivial, but indeed possible...

This is the vpopmail and maildrop FAQ, not the qmail and maildrop FAQ. It only covers what's specific for vpopmail.

Karel Zvara notes that...

Vpopmail's vdelivermail scans .qmail files for "/Maildir/" to distinguish among storing in maildir, forwarding to another address and spawning external application. Therefore it works with vdelivermail when I place .qmail in users directory (e.g. /var/vpopmail/domains/ with the content '/usr/local/bin/maildrop Maildir/mailfilter' (my config, paths are subject to change :-) )

Setting up the files

The main problem is that this will not work with vdeliver. This means that you will have to create a .qmail file for every one of your users - something that will look funny in vqadmin, if you use that.

Imagine you have a virtual domain, say "". "johan" is a user in that domain. Go to the domain directory, into the user's directory and into the Maildir. Create a file named "maildirfilterconfig" with the following example contents: (This file is used by sqwebmail to determine which filter file the user edits from the web interface)

This needs to be adapted if your users' Maildirs are somewhere else, of course.

Next, set up the users .qmail file (in the example, "/var/qmail/domains/") as follows:

				|/usr/bin/maildrop ./johan/Maildir/mailfilter

Richard Huff remarked that you also need to create a mailfilter file for this to work. You can do this either from sqwebmail (which I'd recommend) or from the console (if you're setting this up for many users). See man maildropfilter.

Done! Now, you're ready to set up mail filters in /var/qmail/domains/ - or through SqWebmail.

I hope this works... send me mail if something seems wrong...