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A Jewish cemetary in Hamburg, heavily fenced to keep unwanted visitors out, but only on one side.

Interior from a house in Regnéville, a small village in Normandy where I spend much of my time.

Interior from a house in Regnéville, recently purchased by a friend of mine who brought the bath tub.

Hauteville Plage in Normandy.

Agon-Coutainville in Normandy.

Telephone booths at Hans-Albers-Platz near the Reeperbahn, the amusement and red light district in Hamburg.

The Sea, could be anywhere, but actually it is Agon-Coutainville in Normandy.

The toilet window at my house in Regnéville, Normandy. Best view from any loo, anywhere. The ocean, then some islands, and beyond that, but too far to see: the NY skyline.